The cast keeps buffering, how do I make it stop?

The cast buffers when it no longer has anything in the buffer to play, so it has to rebuffer to bring in more of the stream before it can play. This happens on lower connections that can't pull the stream fast enough. You can increase the prebuffer and buffer rate or choose a lower cast rate if one is avalible.

How to increase the buffer and prebuffer rates.

1. Right Click on you're winamp window.

2. Click options
3. Click preferences.

4. Click Input
5. Click Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder
6. Click Configure

7. Click the Streaming Tab

8. Increase Buffer data to at least 500kb and Prebuffer to about 75%.

If problem continues, increase Buffer and Prebuffer until it goes away.

The higher you set buffer and prebuffer the long it will take for the cast to start playing, but the more stable it will be.